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Empowering the Future, Supporting Progress


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Since its founding, Seiko has consistently provided a diverse range of products, information, and services in response to the evolving needs of the times. As a leading specialist trading company in science and medical fields domestically, Seiko has contributed to the advancement of academic research and healthcare.

01Main Business fields

From academic research to healthcare, industry, and information fields.
Supporting the creation of a future for people and society through a wide range of business areas.

  • Science

    We envision the future of research and industry, providing comprehensive support with the latest reagents, equipment, and information.

  • Medical

    Contributing to the advanced field of healthcare, from In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) and IVD equipment to imaging devices and various software solutions.

  • Lab Solutions

    Providing centralized services from rough cost estimates for relocation to the resumption of practical operations.

  • IT Solutions

    Developing and selling business support software for medical and research institutions.

  • e-Business

    Offering services that centralize the management of ordering, inventory, and streamline logistics and cost management tasks for diagnostic reagents, reagents, and consumables.

  • Overseas Business

    Expanding our business in China through our group of companies and collaborating with manufacturers and local enterprises to drive business expansion, primarily in Asia.

02Seiko Group's Network

Closely aligning with customers, spreading through trust

From Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south, Seiko Group's network is continually growing to meet the daily needs of our customers.
Integrating the latest information systems with a unique logistics system, we strive to provide the 'optimal' products and information to the ever-evolving fields of academic research, healthcare, and industry.