SEIKO 正晃株式会社

Greetings from our President

Taking a new step forward building a Century-Long Legacy.

Adapting to the rapidly changing and demanding social landscape, it is essential for companies to evolve in accordance with the times.For more than 70 years since our company was founded in 1950, we have flexibly responded to all kinds of changes and continued to grow to this day.However, the unwavering spirit of our founding principles, *"誠・正・精," has consistently and firmly existed since our establishment, deeply rooted in each and every employee.
 *誠正精 means "Sincerity, righteousness, vitality"
In order to fulfill our mission of contributing to the development of healthcare, academic research, and industry for the benefit of our customers, we will continue to uphold tradition while looking to the future and persistently embracing new challenges.
Alongside the various companies within the SEIKO Group that share our aspirations, we pledge to provide enhanced support through superior products, reliable technology, cutting-edge information, and seamless distribution, solidifying our position as a specialized trading company in the fields of science and medicine.
Please look forward to SEIKO's new story as we aim to become a centennial company.

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