SEIKO 正晃株式会社

Business Introduction

We contribute to shaping the future as a specialized group company in the fields of research and development, healthcare, and IT.

The advancement of academia, research, and healthcare, including life sciences, significantly impacts each of us living in the present.
SEIKO, focusing on specialized support in research and development, healthcare, and IT, is actively involved in various areas such as IT solutions, healthcare software development, laboratory consulting, and support for the relocation of research and medical facilities. Leveraging expertise in each domain, we collaborate to support the creation of a better future for individuals and society.

Business Fields


We envision the future of research and industry, providing comprehensive support with the latest reagents, equipment, and information.


Contributing to the advancing field of healthcare, from diagnostic reagents and testing equipment to imaging devices and various software.

Lab Solutions

Providing comprehensive services from estimated relocation costs to practical resumption of operations, all managed centrally.

IT Solutions

Developing and selling business support software for medical and research institutions.


Offering services that streamline logistics and cost management tasks, ranging from centralized management of orders for diagnostic reagents, reagents, and consumables to inventory management.

Overseas Business

Expanding our business in Asia with a focus on China, through group company expansion and collaboration with local manufacturers and enterprises.

Product Lineup

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