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Seiko Group's Network

"Swift, Accurate, and Reliable" - Seiko Group's network extends with trust, catering to the needs of our customers."

From Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south, the Seiko Group network is continually expanding to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

By integrating cutting-edge information systems with our unique logistics systems, we provide the "optimal" products and information to the rapidly advancing fields of academic research, healthcare, and industry. We will continue to pursue the "optimal" for our customers, forming a reliable supply chain.

Introduction to Seiko Group

Seiko Holdings Limited

Supporting the overall challenges of the group through business support, environmental development, formulation of growth strategies, and the creation of new business models, leveraging the uniqueness of each company within the Seiko Group.

Biotech Lab Co., Ltd.

A specialized trading company in the fields of science and medicine, providing forefront support for cutting-edge life sciences research, including the development of new drugs. We aim to be your reliable partner, supporting the realization of innovation.

Frontier Science Co., Ltd.

Based in Hokkaido, we are a comprehensive trading company in the clinical testing and physical chemistry fields. We engage in the sales of clinical testing equipment, diagnostic reagents, and reagents, as well as providing support such as repairs and inspections after sales.

Takeuchi Chemical Co., Ltd.

Providing analytical reagents, clinical testing reagents, equipment, and materials to research facilities in universities, corporate research facilities, and hospital testing departments. In 2019, we opened two bases in Osaka, expanding our market presence to Wakayama, Osaka, Hyogo, and Nara Prefecture.

Seiko Trading Shanghai Co., Ltd.

A comprehensive trading company specializing in the sales of all products related to research fields in universities, research institutions, and companies, including medical equipment, in vitro diagnostic reagents, and diagnostic reagent materials. We conduct business activities throughout China.

Seiko Tec Co., Ltd.

Engaged in the development, sales, and maintenance of software products specialized in the medical and research fields. By focusing on highly specialized and niche areas, we provide high-quality services that are unique and unmatched by other companies.

Okinawa Medix Co., Ltd.

Providing scientific research and medical testing products to customers, including universities, government agencies, private companies, national hospitals, prefectural hospitals, and private hospitals in Okinawa Prefecture.

Toa science Co., Ltd.

Based in Miyazaki Prefecture, we offer a wide range of products, including research reagents, clinical testing reagents, various analytical instruments, equipment, and industrial chemicals.

Saga Seiko Co., Ltd.

Mainly serving government agencies in Saga Prefecture, we provide products such as analytical reagents, clinical diagnostic reagents, equipment, physical and chemical instruments, and medical equipment.

Seiko Estate Co., Ltd.

Primarily engaged in the real estate leasing and building management operations of the Seiko Group, actively undertaking construction and land utilization projects.

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